т бария изменение HTM серии синтетического сульфата бария HTS серии сульфат бария природный серии HTN применение диаграмма сульфата бария диоксид титана
продукт>>HTM Series ,HTS Series, HTN Series
HTM Series ,HTS Series, HTN Series
   HTM Series ,HTS Series, HTN Series
Applicate in powder coating , paint,  plastic ,rubber,ink<BR> and other industries.


The high Purity, pure brightness and whiteness, superior and uniform fineness, ultra-low oil absorption number and extremely stable chemical property featured by HOTEN BLANC are approved by more and more customers. It is applied in large quantities by the well-known manufactures in paints, ink ,coating,plastic,polyurethane foam,rubber,elastomer,storage battery, art paper,braking device,acoustic insulating material and other industrices. 


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