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Guangzhou Hoten Chemical is subsidiary of Hoten Chemical International Group. Hoten Chemical is a specialized R&D and production barium sulfate manufacturers, it is a high-tech enterprises. Hoten Chemical in Guizhou has its own barite mineral, and byproducts barium sulfate precipitated in 30,000tons /sodium sulfide in 12,000tons/year of the production line. And modified barium sulfate ten thousand tons / year.The factory covers an area of 268000 square meters, under the Hoten Chemical plants, Hoten concentration plant , the existing staff more than 300 people, among all kinds of specialized technical personnel more than 70 people, and the senior title 30 people, has strongest management of technology strength.


The factory's technical well-equipped, advanced production technology, and completed testing equipments, equipped with individual perfect testing institutions, detection is maturity, there are more than 20 quality inspection personnel, regular products quality control process and end product quality control, so as to ensure the stability of the product quality of each batch.


Hoten Chemical always insists on respect science, value innovation development of the company, and has the relevant universities, scientific research institutions established the close cooperation, technical cooperation and academic exchange mechanism;and of continuous product thorough research, process improvement, the product quality for overall ascension, and gradually get barium salt chemical field leading level, barium salt chemical industry is extremely important to become the professional manufacturer. We not only provide the products according to your corresponding specification characteristics of the product, but also for your barium sulphate special production requirements of different index data provide special specifications. Because we not only sell products, and provide you with comprehensive contain barium product solutions.


In order to more positive and more actively participate in international market cooperation and competition. At the end of 2005 Hoten Group marketing headquarters moved to Guangzhou, and set up a Guangzhou Hoten chemical Co., Ltd. and registered Hoten chemical international group (HK) Ltd., creating a more open and international operation space; and a more vigorous, more professional Hoten team

Courtesy Hoten chemical is indebted to manufacturers from domestic and abroad to concern and appreciation effort, the partial products through the United States ASTM F963, Europe EN71 standard, Part3 standard , ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification and GB/T28001-2001 vocational health and safety management system certification. Hoten advocates the "people-oriented, practical, the innovation management, scientific development" the management idea, hope and all of the dedicated to cooperate with minerals exploitation manufacturers . Hoten convinced that improve the quality without limit, we've been focusing unremitting research, innovation, to become a global customers preferred barium salt products manufacturer; also expects from your approval and support.


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