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Synthetic Barium Sulfate  <BR> 1.Main Content :>98.00%  2.Mean grain sizeD50:1.5um  <BR> 3.Whiteness : 96.00<BR> 4.PH value :7-9

HTS-M Synthetic Barium Sulfate 

Mean grain size D50 : 1.50um
Baso4 content : >98.00%
Dry Brightness: >96(ISO.7724)

Main contents (DIN.EN.ISO.3262, PT.2) 


Mean grain size D50 (SC. method) 


Oil absorption (DIN.EN.ISO.787, Pt.10) 


Dry brightness (ISO.7724) 


PH value (DIN.EN.ISO.787, Pt.9) 


Volatility at 105  (DIN.EN.ISO.787, Pt.2) 



Synthetic Barium Sulfate HTS-M

HOTEN SUPER FINE HTS-M is a chemically synthesized barium sulfate product (BLANC FIXE) refined through special manufacturing processes with highly pure barium salt and sodium sulfate as its raw materials. Its grain sizes are under strict control in the course of reactions and synthesis and content of impurities is minimized. It features low specific weight, gentle and stable nature, narrow distribution of grain sizes, extremely good light fastness, weathering resistance and other outstanding chemical properties.

The uniquely spherical or near spherical D50 1um ultra-fine barium sulfate crystal grains of HOTEN SUPER FINE HTS-M are provided with big specific surface areas, thereby effective increasing or magnifying the light reflecting area in coating. Therefore it is widely applied in the formula system of high-gloss products.

By using its own ( 15g / 100g ) low oil absorption, HOTEN SUPER FINE HTS-M may be fully mixed with other resin components, i.e. the same equivalent weight of resin may carry more HOTEN SUPER FINE HTS-M. In particular, it gives a vivid color, repeatable tint and perfect surface gloss when compounded up with pigment in a formula. Its low consumption of base material guarantees the high rheological property in system and good mechanical property of finished products. Even in a formula system with low resin content, a product appearance with optimal evenness can be formed, thereby saving expensive resin by a part. This embodies the cost effectiveness of using HOTEN SUPER FINE HTS-M and greatly facilitates your advantages of costs. On the contrary, when barium sulfate has a relatively high oil-absorbing index and there is no adequate resin base material to coat and bond pigment particles, the resin base material fails to moisten all pigment particles so that they loosely distribute in coating, resulting in deterioration of coating quality.

HOTEN SUPER FINE HTS-M may be used for thermoplastics to improve the rigidity, hardness and abrasion resistance of plastic products.

The relatively high thermal conductivity and rheological property of HOTEN SUPER FINE HTS-M are helpful to the reduction of injection molding period of plastics. HOTEN SUPER FINE HTS-M can also improve the degree of crystallization of thermoplastic macromolecule so as to enhance the strength (especially the impact strength at low temperature) and geometric stability.

HOTEN SUPER FINE HTS-M is approved for the product subject to contacting food due to its nontoxic property. HOTEN SUPER FINE HTS-M conforms to the Europe 's purity requirement and U.S' codes of food and drug administration. LD5 (Mouse, oral administration) >15,000mg/kg; dust limit=6mg/m 3 .

After a series of chemical treatment reactions, HOTEN SUPER FINE HTS-M has real pure barium sulfate content as high as 98%. It is insoluble in acid and water and shields ultraviolet radiation and other hazardous rays from penetration. Therefore it is widely applied in the products having strict requirement for high weathering resistance without causing discoloring or chapping.

The brightness over 94 and near spherical crystal shape of HOTEN SUPER FINE HTS-M make it easier to well distribute in each corner in formula, thereby achieving a dense, exquisite, tough and smooth product appearance of uniform color. In Mohs hardness 3, HOTEN SUPER FINE HTS-M carefully protects your machines and equipments from the increase in load and heavy wear due to the filling of a large amount.

HOTEN SUPER FINE HTS-M is free from impurities hazardous to elastomer. Hence HOTEN SUPER FINE HTS-M is particularly suitable to the filler for elastomer. Its other advantages include outstanding rheological property, low abrasiveness and high chemical purity.


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